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Richmond Auto Parts Technology

Richmond Auto Parts Technology

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Richmond Auto Parts Technology was established mid Feburary of 1998, with a capital investment of $23 million. RAPT began it's manufacturing of transmission gears with it's mass production lines on July 20, 1999 with 20 employess. RAPT's first mass production shipment consisted of 400 gear sets per day. The 110,000 square feet facility (plant 1) was constructed on a 58 acre farm in Richmond, Kentucky.

Richmond Auto Parts Technology currently has 3 facilities that support the challenge of an integrated manufacturing system from bar stock raw material to finished goods. RAPT employs 240 associates and produces nearly 12,000 gears per day. Current primary customers include:

Honda Transmission Mfg., Inc. (HTM)

Honda Precision Parts of Georgia Mfg., Inc. (HPPG)

AW North Carolina, Inc (AWNC)

NTN Bearing Corporation (NTN)  

AikiTec (Business)


AAF (China)

AAI (Indonesia)

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